TC Casino from iTunes

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TC CasinoWelcome to the TC casino where your urge to play is met by our variations of games. The TC Casino is open for business and readily available from iTunes. This total casino experience will not leave you empty handed and will keep you coming back for more. With many different games to keep you satisfied; this is all you need in a gaming app for your phone or tablet. Take a closer look at what you’ll find when entering the TC Casino

Game Types and Playing Experience

The TC Casino is a casino in the palm of your hands. You are not limited to just the same old slot machines and aren’t even constricted to slots alone. The TC Casino offers options of other table games such as Texas Hold Em’ and Blackjack. They also feature an area for a variation of Video Poker slots and Bingo stations as well. Stick to one game or take your bankroll and try your luck elsewhere in the casino. If you feel Blackjack is keeping you down on your luck, try the Underwater Sea Slots game and enjoy an interactive experience like no other.

You start your TC Casino experience by being handed a bankroll amount. You spin a wheel and can receive anywhere from 5,000 to 50,000 credits to start your day at the casino. There is also a 5,000 credit bonus that is awarded to daily users just for checking back into the casino. You have to gain experience points to reach new levels to unlock new slots and new tables for your other games. Until you reach level 5, you will be playing one of two different slot machines. Once level 5 is achieved (it isn’t too time consuming to reach either) you will unlock all the table games, video poker, and bingo. Reaching level 5 also qualifies you for additional coin earning propositions with certain daily challenges, log-in bonuses (on top of your daily bonus), and Facebook connections. Each machine features fun bonus game material unique to each slot format as well as free spin reels to pick up some extra credits.

Additions and Compatibilities

The app is free to download via the iTunes app store. It is compatible for download on most brands of Apple devices and devices that fall into the later models of iPods, iPhones, iPads, etc. The downloading of the app is free via the store and earning credits is free as well. You may make in-app purchases at your leisure if you want an influx in your credit amount or if you want to get through all the games a little more quickly. Connecting your device via your Facebook account is very beneficial as you can exchange gifts and bonus coins with other users to help increase you and your partner’s credits for play.


Take into consideration the freedom of being able to enjoy some of the most featured casino games at your leisure. Join us at TC Casino for an intense game of Texas Hold Em’ and bring your poker face or enjoy a “treat” with our Candy Slots. The opportunities and possibilities remain endless for you here at the TC casino. We hope to see you stop by soon and remember, we’ll gladly start you off with a healthy amount of credits to take in the full TC experience.