Slotomania Free Slots

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Casino players who are searching for an alternative to a land-based casino or software that has to be run on a computer will definitely appreciate what the Slotomania app for Android devices has to offer. This casino app is free to play and will connect users with their friends in a fun and exciting environment that provides cutting-edge mobile slots and other unique games. In addition, the app regularly offers bonuses and rewards to each player with an exclusive format that syncs up with social media and connects users worldwide. With over 10 million downloads, Slotomania has proven to be one of the best mobile casino apps available.

App Features

Slotomania is primarily focused on mobile slots, as its name suggests. Players who use the app will be presented with over 140 themes of slots, all designed with great graphics and sounds. The slots themselves range in style from classic machines to more advanced video slots, so there are plenty of choices for every kind of player. Each game has built-in special features and bonus rounds, which work to increase payouts and offer exclusive rewards to the player when they achieve a winning payline. Some slots are even linked to progressive jackpots that will grow as more players use the particular title.

The operation of the Slotomania Android app is easy. All content has been optimized to work with either a phone or a tablet running on an Android operating system, and the features work flawlessly with the touchscreen platform. In keeping with this mobile format, special events and notifications can be sent directly to the player by text or e-mail from the app. Betting options and more advanced functions are available for expert players, and instructions on how to play are included within the game options.

Bonus Highlights

New players who join the Slotomania community will be entitled to 10,000 free coins that can be used on any of the popular games featured within the app. Current players are not left out either, because this particular mobile casino offers a free coin bonus that occurs every three hours. Players simply need to log into the app to take advantage of the offer. In keeping with bonuses surrounding the slots, the app allows every player to earn free spins and re-spins by playing the games and bonus mini games. The mobile casino also has a special perk known as “Sloto Cards” that can be collected and redeemed for unique prizes.

Player Interaction

Slotomania is a mobile casino ideal for playing on an Android phone or tablet, but it also prominently features itself as a social casino. Players are able to enjoy each game in a more social setting, with high scores posted publically and special gifts made available to send to friends and family. Because of the app’s success, it has a big following on Facebook and runs many of its special promotions through the social media platform. Players can also e-mail the developers for questions and comments about the app and its features. Slotomania allows for digital purchases in the mobile casino, but it is still free to download and play.