Big Fish Casino App

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Big Fish Casino App Review

Casino players who do not always have the means to travel and spend money going to a gambling venue will be glad to know that Big Fish Casino for Android offers the same exciting games and bonuses in a mobile format. The app is one of the most popular casino programs available on the Google store, and this is due to the developer’s focus on stunning graphics and sounds combined with the ultimate convenience of playing from anywhere. Gaming content comes in a variety of styles, and there is a prominent social aspect built in that makes playing the app a lot of fun for friends who share the same passion for casinos.

App Features

The Big Fish Casino Android app is free to download and play. New users will find that the operation of the app is simple and optimized for a touchscreen device, making it easy to learn and enjoy the various games that are included. At the present time, there are over 30 different slot games that can be played, with newer titles constantly being added to the diverse lineup. Additionally, the app features other unique games and jackpot that players can try their luck at for exclusive rewards. This particular gaming structure offers a level-based system, which unlocks new games and features for the player as they level up by completing goals set by the app.

Slots are the prominent feature of Big Fish Casino, but the app does involve other classic casino games. Players can expect mobile versions of popular titles like poker and blackjack, available in a couple of different styles. Because of the app’s online platform, players can compete against each other in these games just as they would at a real casino. This social aspect allows for a more authentic feel akin to sitting at an actual table on the casino floor, but all from the comfort of home right on a phone or tablet.

Bonus Highlights

As with other online casinos, the Big Fish Casino app for Android welcomes new players in first-class fashion. Each player who downloads and signs up on the app will receive 100,000 free chips to start using immediately. In addition, the player can earn even more free chips every single day by logging in and using the games. The app gives away over one billion chips a day, highlighting its popularity among players around the world. With online slots in particular, Big Fish Casino will reward players with free spins bonuses and other unique games that have the same feel of the promotions at renowned casinos.

Player Interaction

Big Fish Casino has a strong a presence on social media, so the app itself and the games reflect that same style. Players who use this mobile casino will be able to join each other and play special social slot games, as well as share rewards and free gifts with each other. In the spirit of competition, rewards and high scores can be optionally displayed on a social media account that links to Big Fish Casino. The app even has its own Facebook page that players can follow for the latest news and updates about what’s happening in the mobile casino world. Big Fish Casino is free to play, but it does offer in-app microtransactions as well.