Roulette Tracker

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Roulette Tracker App ReviewRoulette Tracker is a device used by gamblers for recording numbers hit during the game. The app is used in collaboration with Stake Calculator to assist players in managing their betting and increase the profits. In this case, players learn to be more consistent while playing. This calculator only applies to slots that have small stake value of o.o1 units of currency. Such games are preferred by players since it’s easier to recover the losses. This is a great strategy that a player can use, where Roulette Tracker can calculate and advise him the right time to apply a certain strategy.

App Features

The numbers are arranged according to the frequency order where with number 18 having the highest frequency and 17 with the least. When a number is hit, it is highlighted using yellow color. Every tile will show how many times a number(s) has been hit. The columns and the blocks will show how many spins the numbers associated with a given tile were hit. Black and red tiles show chances that the following number has either of the two colors. In such cases, when the percentage is high, the probability would be high too.

Game Details

The Stake Calculator assist players to manage their betting through calculation of the stake required to achieve some profit and consider previous losses. When using roulette, it is easy to bet on dozen blocks since staking is more effective. This app will enable a player to increase the odds of winning while playing Roulette. The software is simple and keeps tracks on every spins that have been made and register when 12 different combinations of numbers have not been revealed.

This technique has enabled players to be more consistent while betting. It is beneficial to use this app because a person is encouraged on the track to follow and increase possibilities of winning. Players are encouraged to apply this app whenever they are playing Roulette in order to be guided where to place their bets. Also, starters can learn the game faster after using Roulette Tracker.