Roulette Plaza

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Roulette PlazaRoulette Plaza is a mobile casino roulette simulator that is for sale on the Apple App Store for mobile devices. This game is playable on both the iPad and iPhone provided that each device has firmware that has been updated on or after the 7.0 iOS update. Nicoletta Apps released this game in 2014 to be a high quality, high definition roulette simulator that mimics all the best features of a Vegas casino without any of the distractions or expense. This roulette game has a number of unique features which will cover in this review. We will also go over some specific game mechanics and try to give you the best and clearest information possible before you purchase the game.

Game Features

Nicoletta Apps released this game in the latter half of last year and it has become one of the more popular roulette simulators that you can find on the App store. The game is set up to evoke the style and substance of a Vegas casino on your mobile phone. The game looks incredibly sleek and sexy with high level HD graphics along with avatars and sprites that make you feel like you are actually at a casino. The game mechanics are fairly standard. If you want to place a bet you simply open up the app, choose a number between 00 and 100 and then finally choose whatever color you want to bet on, red or black. Once you have done this you spin the built in random roulette wheel and let the chips fall where they may.

Game Details
While a great deal of similar type games are free to play Roulette Plaza currently costs 1.99 at the app store. The price is justified in a couple of different ways. First of all the features that you have with this game are all unlocked from the start. You do not have to play to access any part of the game- once you purchase it you have full access. Many similar freemium type games do not allow the same pleasure. Also this game does have some in app purchases- for instance if you want to make a huge bet you can go ahead purchase up to 1000 more gold coins in game for .99 cents. This feature is taken advantage of by many players but is certainly not necessary to win anything or even to enjoy this fantastic casino game.