Willy Wonka Slots

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Willy Wonka Slots is a free casino slots game complete with the classic cast and iconic characters! This game actually follows the classic narrative of the movie. The game follows Charlie as he visits Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory tour. As we can all recount this will be one of the most interesting tours complete with an eccentric host and mysterious confectionery factory staff. This game features colorful graphics and a good game engine that is relatively bug-free. This game comes courtesy of the makers of Wizards of Oz Slots. As one can recall from Wizards of Oz, the fantasy element is paramount here, and only adds to the company’s creative repertoire.

The perks of this game are the ability of player to take the tour through the chocolate factory and unlock new levels along the way. Upon reaching a new level there are different episodes of encounter similar to the movie. Not only does this game contain the classic plot arc of Willy Wonka, there are also amazing free spins, JACKPOTS, a diverse set of Big Wins. The fact that this game is available for free only adds to the appeal. It is relatively easy to play for the tradeoff in wins. Although this game does not offer real money gambling although the excitement is not lacking. Players can use their strategy skills to up their points gained in the bonus rounds.

The best part of playing this game is the navigation through the colorful landscape, changing from level to level. In the newest version 7.0.25 players are able to see Charlie meet Slugworth as he races home with the Golden Ticket in hand. This classic scene is sure to win hearts while in game play. This newest version also offers great game play and a generous bursting wilds reel in addition to a special Free Spin. The Free Spin uses two sets of free spin reels, so those used to classic reels may want to get accustomed to the spins level. There is also an Oompa Loompas game play level in the chocolate room. Look for this excitement after Augustus Gloop’s departure.

One is able to collect millions of free credits every day. Players have many options as to how they will play the game. Game play is available offline or online. This game is also available to sync across devices such as Facebook Connect and Google Play. This game will appeal to adult and children audiences. There is no option for real money gambling or opportunities to win real money and prizes. Overall, the online reviews for this game are positive, and there are low reports of bugginess within the game suggesting that this is really a solidly stacked game engine.