Roulette Lucky Vegas Machine

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Roulette Lucky Vegas MachineRoulette Lucky Vegas Machine is a Vegas-style roulette game for iPhones, or any IOS phone. Though it is listed in the Apple store as being a simulation game, it is not a simulation game in the true sense of the word; it is a casino simulation game. The developer, Edgar Caceres, has released several phone games, most of which are casino games. This means he is not new to the field of cell phone or tablet game design.

Application Features

Roulette Lucky Vegas Machine is not meant for anyone under the age of eighteen to play; simply because it is a gambling game. Players will be pleased to note that they do not have to pay anything in-game. There are no paid advertisements to interrupt the gameplay and there are no in-game purchases.

Something that sets it apart from most roulette games is that it allows players to learn the game mechanics and develop a strategy. This means the player does not have to know the first thing about roulette before they start playing; as they will learn as they play.

The graphics are rather brightly-colored, which makes them very easy to see on a cell phone screen. Graphic shading is minimal and the fonts are extremely easy to read. The characters that appear on-screen are drawn in a stylized manner reminiscent of anime that, while strange for a cell phone game, was done quite well. Text is minimal and quite simple to read; with contrasting colors, so that people with visual impairments would still be able to play.

Overall, Roulette Lucky Vegas Machine is an extremely entertaining gambling game. The sounds are inoffensive, which is a pleasant change from the jarring sounds of some casino games. The graphics will appeal to cell phone owners of all ages. Gameplay itself is simple to understand and develop a winning strategy for. This means people who have no clue how to play roulette, but want to learn, are given the opportunity to figure out how to play.
More Game Details

Roulette Lucky Vegas Machine will only work on phones that use the iOS 6.0 operating system or better. It can run on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, though it operates best on the iPhone 5. As it can be played from tablets such as the iPad, people who do not have cell phones do not have to worry about being unable to play.